Collect insights that help your company thrive

5-WORDS enables you to tap into collective knowledge to understand and improve your business.


Learn what your customers think

Collect and evaluate meaningful customer feedback so you can better align your actions with your mission. Their answers might surprise you.


Collect meaningful market insights

Conduct primary market research so you can evaluate who your customers are, what they want, and how they feel.


Engage your employees

Make your workforce feel heard with simple surveys that provide insights about their satisfaction level, challenges, and even networks.

The best approach is an informed approach. Our aggregated survey can provide you with critical insights about your business from the sources that matter most, so you can take action immediately.


Customer experience surveys

Connecting with your audience will empower you to identify and implement changes that will better nurture your growth.


Brand building

Spread brand visibility beyond traditional survey reach with easy, fun questions that help you interact and engage with potential customers quickly.


Internal surveys

Utilize the versatile 5-WORDS tool to uncover hidden employee insights so you can understand and improve your company processes.

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