Speakers & Educators

Make presenting a two-way street

With 5-WORDS, you can meaningfully involve your audience before, during, and after your presentation.


Get To Know Your Audience

5-WORDS gives you an easy way to understand your audience and make your presentation even more specific and engaging.


Give Your Viewers a Voice

Create a dialogue between stage and spectator by allowing them to participate in a playful and meaningful way.


Leave them with lasting knowledge

Improve your audience’s engagement and knowledge retention by facilitating greater communication and thought throughout your session.

Audience engagement doesn’t have to begin and end with your time onstage. 5-WORDS will help you extend your reach and leave a lasting impression that will keep them talking.


Before the Event

Reach out to your audience to learn about their thoughts and feelings, and to get them excited for your upcoming session.


During your Session

Whether you ask your question before the event or live onstage, sharing the results will help your audience see themselves in your presentation.


After Curtain Call

Re-engage your viewers by providing interesting results after the event ends, and get their feedback to improve your future presentations.

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