Trainers & Workshop organizers

Make a real impact

Streamline audience engagement and create a collaborative environment with 5-WORDS.


Engage quickly & easily

Capture your audience from the start by understanding and including their insights. Showing them that you understand their position will foster unparalleled cooperation.


Improve communication

Help your audience reach across their invisible lines to create a more collaborative future. 5-WORDS can find common grounds that help bridge those gaps.


Give your audience a voice

Involve your audience in the conversation and let them show you what to focus on. Including their insights will make your session more productive.

One-size-fits-all has no place here: every team is different. 5-WORDS empowers you to involve your audience at every step and will promote better learning and collaboration, both during and after your session.


Before the Session

Prepare your audience for the discussion and create a unique presentation to suit their needs with a pre-session survey.


During your training

Create a dialogue, not a monologue. Understand their goals and pain points from their perspective with live surveys throughout the session.


After everyone goes home

Learning and collaboration don't end when your session does. Share key takeaways so your viewers can continue to build.

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